Cold Snap!

So far, our area has dodged the blustery bullets of Winter, but sooner or later, those icy Arctic blasts will hit their mark. It’s already late in the game, but still not too late for homeowners to help themselves out and dodge a catastrophe.

Shut off any supply lines to outdoor faucets, and if possible, drain the lines. If you don’t have a drain valve, at least make sure the faucet is open to allow expansion of water left in the line to prevent a pipe rupture.

Inside your home, check underneath all sinks, especially in basement areas. Install pipe wrap to any exposed supply lines and cut out panels of Styrofoam to mount on any exterior wall surfaces close to the pipes.

Some older homes even have supply lines running through attic spaces. If you can safely access your attic, pipe wrap on these lines can go a long way in preventing a frozen pipe break.

Finally, consider having your main drain line (lateral line) professionally cabled. Colder weather can reduce the flow in these lines by thickening the sludge that normally builds up in them over time.

These simple precautions make it a snap to stay on target for a great start to 2012.

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