Insurance for a Great New Year

It’s that time now when many of us look ahead to the new year, and set our sights on resolutions. No smoking, less food, more good deeds; they’re all about improving our lives. Here’s another way to improve your safety and well-being this time of year: Get out your homeowner’s policy and give it a good hard look.

Time and again we’ve seen clients at wit’s end, because they discovered they were under-insured after a loss, or had only the vaguest idea what personal items just went up in smoke. Putting your homeowner’s insurance on autopilot is like driving your car without changing the oil or checking the tires. But it only takes a few steps to give your policy a tune-up.

Check to see that your limits are high enough to give you enough coverage to rebuild if your entire home is destroyed by fire. Also, consider adding an endorsement (addition) to cover a sewer backup. Sewer utilities in larger communities provide some compensation to homeowners, but smaller ones offer little or no protection.

After the gift-giving of the holidays, it’s also a good time to start or update an inventory list of your personal possessions. A good way to break this down is by room, starting with the largest or most expensive items. Today, even low-end digital cameras and most cellphones have video capabilities, making it easy to further document your possessions.

Finally, check in with your insurance agent, to see if you qualify for any discounts, or whether your provider has any deals for bundling your homeowners’ with other policies. You can use any savings to offset the cost of raising your coverage where it’s needed.

Disaster can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. A little bit of “resolve” now can go a long way to reduce the pain if disaster puts you in its cross-hairs.

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